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Well, after leaving my old site in place long after it had become outdated, pandemic fever finally inspired me to create something new. My new site is responsive for desktop and mobile browsers and does a much better job of showcasing my work in an interesting way I feel.

That said, I will always have a fondness for the original site. I created it “by hand”, without the benefit of a modern content management system like WordPress. I originally used Microsoft FrontPage (later Expression Web), which was a great tool in its day (may it rest in peace!). The old site served me well for many years while I was active doing corporate freelance and non-profit work in the Pacific Northwest.

Original vothphoto.com web site:

When I was actively posting to the old site, I had created a number of articles (such as The Forgotten Lens) and travelogues (such as Rajasthan, the Land of Kings). I have migrated many of these articles largely unchanged to the new site, since some of them have been linked to from around the web.  While the gear and techniques have evolved since these were published, new readers may still find much of the content relevant or interesting. I’d like to add more content in the future.

Please spend some time getting acquainted with the new site. To browse the images, check out my Galleries. To check out the latest news and information, please see my Blog. To get in touch, check out my Contact page. For more about me, see About.

Thank you for stopping by!

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